Thursday, 7 September 2017

Fakakola 'o' Aotearoa 'aki' a e loto'i Tonga

Tongan language week is special to us because we get to do some special stuff.  At church we are making tapa and mats and having a feast on Sunday.  One of the special drinks we will have is otai and it is made out of fruits.  We are making it out of watermelon.  In the library we have brought in some Tongan items.  There are tapas, fans, baskets and bags.  Come along and have a look.  At home we are learning how to speak Tongan.  Sometimes our grandma helps us learn it.  We are both really proud that we are Tongan and are enjoying sharing with our friends this week. 
By Sina and Viliami 

Hearing Experiment

Sight Experiment